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Anonymous: Hello, I was wondering if you could possibly upload a video tutorial on how you make your prints. It would be very helpful to the many artists out there following you, including me. I know you must be busy but please keep this idea in mind. Thank you, and keep up the amazing work.

That certainly seems like a cool idea, although unfortunately that would be very difficult to do! :(

The actual printing of the images happens in a studio with a huge printing press and all of the inking is done right before they are pressed. I can do a photo tutorial of the prep work, but because I have limited access to the studio (not very many open studio hours) and it is always very busy when I can get in, there’s no chance of making a video of the printing process or inking techniques. 
I will keep it in mind though! I don’t want to leave your questions about it unanswered!
Thank you love! I will try and think of a way around it! 

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