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Because I never did get around to posting about

the fact that I got accepted to OCADU’s Off-Campus Florence Program I thought I finally should! 
      Along with a bit less than 30 people from various programs at OCADU I’ll be moving to Florence, Italy come September! I already have an apartment lined up for the 8 months that is the entire school semester, and 3 lovely roommates I’ll be able to make art with. The Florence program is good for it’s collaborative element, as we’re encouraged to work with eachother often across disciplines, as well as it’s freedom and the fact that a lot of the work is self-directed. We have a couple hours of art history a week, which will mostly consist of walking around the city with a teacher/guide and seeing it UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!  The rest is working in the OCAD studio, which apparently is right around the Piazza del Duomo so I’ll be right in the heart of it. 

     I’m already so inspired by the architechture and history and all of the art that has come out of Italy to date (not to mention Northern Italian armour!) so i can’t imagine a better place to focus on art making for such a substantial amount of time. I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT to go and share with you all the things I’m going to make. The OCADU studio does not have any printmaking facilities so I will mostly focus on drawing, but I am going to try to get in to some local printshops the best I can.

     So until my departure on August 31st, I will be trying my best to sell some things on my Etsy, (sorry it’s been so neglected) to fundraise, and I plan on continuing to sell some things when I’m in Europe. Should be good!

[By the way, if any of you are familiar with Florence or Italy, feel free to send me some secret insider info on the city! Can’t wait to explore.]


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